Chloe Austin explores the suppressed voices asking questions of female representation and the relationship between body and mind. The work aims to deal (or more so – struggle) with the ever so subtle stereotype of the unobtainable ‘ideal’ self – self as a split, mirrored, multiple, fragmented image. The use of text in the video pieces will resonate with the violent attitude towards women and their stories, the refusal to hear our voices. The aim is to compare/contrast/overlap these visual texts with the sound of Rebecca Solnit’s essay on silence, Breaking Stories, Breaking Silence.

Sophia Santabarbra’s work presents as a series of photographs and video. The images are fragments of moments, visual poetry that contain the energy of an emotion, a thought, a feeling. What is personal becomes universal, we become the mirror reflecting one another.

(Cork Film Centre/Crawford College of Art & Design award winners 2017)

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