f.Project is an analogue photography group of artists who originally came together through a series of meetings during 2017 in the Crawford College of Art & Design. Cork Film Centre were simultaneously setting up a darkroom facility to provide support for graduating artists working in analogue photography. The Film Centre facilities are based in Sample Studios, Churchfield

In 2018, Cork Film Centre received a long-term loan of vintage camera equipment from the Hermann Marbe collection (courtesy of Jessica Carson), enabling the group to further expand their experimentation in the realm of analogue photography.

f.Project is dedicated to experimenting with the analogue photographic processes. The project members are: Orla O’Byrne, Éanna Heavey, Chris Hurley, Bríanna Ní Léannacháin, Dori O’Connell, Sophia Santabarbara, and Artem Trofimenko.

f.Project will be showing their work at 46 Grand Parade from 27th October to 5th November 2022.

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